March 4, 2021

Hello! A small update this time. I recently appeared on the Rite Gud podcast hosted by R.S. Benedict, a podcast that helps you rite gud, to talk about what it means to want to be a writer. We discuss the impractical romanticization of writing-as-identity separate from writing-as-craft, the bad motivations people may have for wanting to be thought of as a writer, and the worrisome idea of tying your entire identity to a single thing you may do or not do in general. I had a blast recording, and you can listen to the podcast on the Kittysneezes network or wherever you personally get your podcast fix.

And that's it! Don't miss the previous piece on the website added in the last update, an essay on the film Brief Encounter, my Fallout: New Vegas fancomic, and some new t-shirt designs at the store.

'Til next time.

; Carmilla

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