December 26, 2020

Oh, goodness. It's about time I blew the dust off this thing.

What happened, Carmilla? A pandemic, of course, but then the finishing of my thesis in June, and then moving in with my wife in September after five years of long distance (hooray!), and somewhere in between I wound up rekindling my love for art and comics via hyperfixation on the video game Fallout: New Vegas and have been plugging away at a fancomic based on the game for several months now. If you're totally unfamiliar with the source material, then if a haggard transsexual courier seeking revenge against the man who shot her in the head around post-post-apocalyptic Las Vegas sounds interesting to you, I think you'd enjoy it nevertheless. I'll be working on a gallery on this very website for it eventually, but for now you can at least just find a link to the comic under Fiction.

Aaaaanyway: the thesis! The thing I never shut up about, ever! Of course! It's finally free, finally done, and several months after the fact (sorry), it's finally added to this website! A link to the thesis is now nestled in the Nonfiction section of this website, as it can be downloaded by the public from my university's archives. Go forth, my monstrous transsexuals, and read it and prosper!

'Til next time.

; Carmilla

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