November 1, 2021

It's the day after Halloween, which means it's New Millie Comic Monday!

New on the dracula voice website is Passage, a six-page color comic that I'm very excited to finally share publicly. It can be read online and downloaded as PDF for free here on the dracula voice, but I have bigger and better news to go with it.

As of today, the dracula voice store on is open, and from there you can order physical copies of all my new work. Booklets of both Passage ($5) and my previous work Safety Eject ($3) are now available for mail-order while supplies last, but if you miss your chance to purchase a print, please contact me somehow and let me know! I'll gladly make more print runs if there's enough demand.

And that's it! Enjoy the new comic, and make sure to purchase a print if you want one.

'Til next time.

; Carmilla

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