November 22, 2019

Thanksgiving is next week, and do you know what I'm thankful for? Digital back-ups. I was crestfallen to learn today that the platform that hosted several of my first features was shuddered, well...god only knows how long ago, which means that all of those links are dead and that the content has vanished completely into the ether. Fortunately, I still have the writing itself saved, and hopefully each feature will find a new home sometime soon, if not one here.

The latest piece on the draculavoice is still "Not Falling Asleep Won't Save You," a piece that I am still tremendously proud of and hope that if you're here, you'll read it now if you haven't already. The Sunday Morning Horror Show is still a delight to host and yes, eventually I'll figure out a way to integrate it into this website, too. But as every update from this year will tell you, I'm working on my graduate thesis, so things other than that are slow endeavors. These Frankenstein films don't watch themselves, you know!

'Til next time.

; Carmilla

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