September 11, 2021

Hello! Some small recent updates to the website to share.

Since the old VRV Blog went offline sometime between the making of this website and me making this update, I've bittersweetly removed the now-dead links to the Features I wrote for that website back then. I say bittersweet because while it sucks that they're vanished into the digital ether, the pieces were by and large not particularly good (in my view) because of how amateurish they were (because I was an amateur then, obviously) and written only because I felt like I had to write something. It was a great move for finding my voice, but I'm ultimately not too torn up over their disappearance.

The exception is with my piece on The Blair Witch Project that I wrote back then, which was my first piece, and the one that I always felt was still excellent. For that piece, I've pulled from archived versions of the old site to restore it to new glory here a few days ago, and you can read it now with updated annotations. Now divorced from the VRV Blog entirely, it's been backdated as my first Nonfiction piece here.

Speaking of my Features, though, I've also added a new Appearance to that page as a guest voice in a brand new video essay by Lily Alexandre on YouTube. Hear me reading from an article about the ontology of the tenderqueer in her video, "Do 'Binary Trans Women' Even Exist? The Politics of Gender Conformity."

That's all for now! There'll be a new original comic like Safety Eject out before the end of the year. Maybe two of them, we'll see.

'Til next time.

; Carmilla

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